Premium Gadgets

Do you want off-the-shelf goods? Nope, then you are completely wrong with BRIIND.

Since we are committed to premium, every product goes through a complex, established development process. The processes and the know-how for this come from years of professional experience as a development engineer at a Bavarian automotive company. The demands on the products offered under BRIIND are no less than offering the top product in the respective niche. Only the raw materials, materials and manufacturers that are most suitable for the application are used for our products. The genes of solid German engineering can be found in each of our products.

We are realists and take our customers‘ needs extremely seriously. So if you have suggestions, requests and other ideas, don’t be afraid to let us know. Because the most important thing for us is that you have fun with the articles and that they offer you real added value!

Premium Gatdgets

The BRIIND Sub-Brand for of kinds of Premium Gadgets.

Construction Materials

This is the upcoming BRIIND Sub-Brand for all kinds of contraction materials.

Magnetic Wristband


With 20 N45 Neodym magnets it is the most powerful Magnetic Wistband on the market.

Coming Soon

"Extra Power!

The wristband with the extra magnetic power. Got it as a present for my son, but was so thrilled about the wristband, that I also got one for myself. And now it became my favorite companion at work.“

Henning, Bremerhaven

"Better than a third hand

at first I thought to myself what kind of crazy tool is this magnetic wristband, but now it’s better than a third hand. While doing my craftsmen stuff, I have everything plugged on my arm. No more searching through the pockets, which could be really dangerous on a ladder.”

Steve, Antwerp